Together we can change how people look for jobs

The job-searching process is a crutial moment, often it is frustrating and tiring.
Our mission is to make candidates stand out during this process and help them land the job of their dreams.

Our team

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Our solutions if you are looking for young talent

Employer Branding

Make employer brand your competitve advantage. Craft a reputation that attracts the right talent. Ensure every candidate who could be a fit learns about your organization

Recruiting Virtuale

You can't be everywhere. Identity and engage the right candidates across 1500+ universities without leaving your desk.

Candidate experience

Never ghost a candidate again. Move candidates through your hiring process quickly and craft a standout experience for all applicants. Stay in touch with your silver medalist.

Recruiting events

Engage candidates through virtual and in-person recruiting events. Capture key information on everyone you meet, optimize.

Recruiting analytics

Power data-driven decision making with intutive anlaytics and reporting. Ditch spreadsheets and gain insights to optimize your recruiting strategies.

Diversity recruiting

Build your most diverse team ever. Engage underrepresented talent across 1500+ schools and 170+ HBCUs and HSIs. Discover where diverse talent drops out of your pipeline.

Why StepsConnect?

Impress the best candidates watching your job post, show them why your company is a great place is a great to work at.