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By choosing PRO job posts you will be able to add any feature to improve your job posts’ performance and management.

Visible from our community

Reach qualified candidates in our databse




Get up to 3x views and increase ads’ reach


PLUS ads

Get up to 5x views and increase ads’ reach



Get up to 10x views and increase ads’ reach


Email Blast

Suggest your job offer to target profiles with a designated newsletter


Key account

A designated person to resolve any problems and give feedback to


Matching Algorithm

See candidates and suggested profiles based on the % of compatibility


Multi Account

Give access to your company’s admin area to more people of your team


ATS Integration

Traffic directly to your ATS just by entering the link to that position


Brand page

Introduce your brand to attract candidates that align with your offer


Brand Logo on job post card

Make your brand known to candidates


Shareable Job Post Link

Share your job offer on your channels



What is it?
StepsConnect is a platform for recruiting for under30 and GenZ, active in 5 european countries and on the vertical italian market.

Unlike traditional job boards, StepsConnect attracts your future talent from Socials and not from old databases with little to no engagement.

How? Our platform trasforms your job post into Instagram Ads to reach every type of candidate and to get applies on our analytics or you ATS.

Our candidates are qualified: our algorithm does a pre-screening on every apply you receive.

You are our ideal Client if:
👉 You are a Corporate, PMI or Scale up recruiter in European countries 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇵🇹 🇪🇸 
👉 You need to hire high school graduates from technical schools, college graduates (internships or first job), workers with up-to-3 years of experience.

We believe in companies that invest on new generations and we want to actively support them in their recruiting & Talent Attraction dedicated to early talent processes.

Using StepsConnect is super easy 🔥 You can start your free trial on your own!

However, we created a Guide for recruiters to help you on every steps of the way.

If you want to navigate the platform with someone from our team and to look at some successful case studies, schedule a call with this calendar.

this calendar.

👉 Utilizza questo questo link aprire la Guida

🚀 Our mission is to generate value for both Recruiters and Cadidates.

This is why we decided to offer 2 free job posts each month forever.
– These job posts will be visible on our platform stepsconnect.com for 30 days from the date of publication;
– FREE job posts will reach our community of qualified candidates on our database
– They do NOT require a payment method

Absolutely! This is why we created the plan Enterprise PRO.

A plan that allows you to save when buying large amounts of PRO job posts. The more you purchase, the more you will save!

Need more info? Schedule a call with this link to talk with our Sales Team.

❌ No, you can publish free job posts without a payment method.

✉️ You only need a business email address.

After publishing your job post you will get candidates in the dedicated section of the platform. If it is a PRO job post, you will also get an email notification every time you get a candidate.

To create your profile and your first job post you will need 3 minutes:

👉 You can do it on your own with this link.

👉 Or you can schedule a call with this calendar to get help from someone of our team.