• PRO job posts allow you to show your job posts on Social Media reaching potential candidates under35 who spend up to 3 hours on Instagram and which whom you are not currently engaging;
  • You can purchase and publish an infinite number of job post (to infinity and beyond!);
  • You could have a detailed report about how your campaign both on Social Media and on our platform is going;
  • You can customize your experience by choosing between our add-ons for each job post directly on our platform (i.e. you could increase the budget on niche profiles or have more reports on performance marketing).
  • You can access discounts on large volumes of job posts with our BUNDLES: the more you purchase, the more you save!
  • All PRO job posts from a Bundle will have the same characteristics and add-ons you will choose at checkout.

Through Social Media you can reach profiles under35 with the following characteristics:

  • Profiles looking for an internship or first job, or Profiles wanting to switch jobs;
  • Profile with up to 3 years of experience, or the so-called “ young professionals” or “middle manager”
  • High school graduates as Mechatronic or Computer Technicians from Technical Institutes
  • College graduates in the following fields: STEM, Engineering, IT, ICT, Economics, Marketing, Sales, Law and humanistic subjects.


PRO job posts are transformed into Instagram ADS in which we include your brand.

On other social media channels (such as TikTok, Youtube, Discord, Reddit…) we use StepsConnect brand to get candidates to sign up and create their profiles in order to send them compatible job offers through email and notifications.

No, you don’t. ADS are published through StepsConnect accounts as not to overload recruiters. Publish you job posts and wait to receive CVs, we do the rest!


Payment methods

  • It is possibile to purchase PRO job post using credit cards or through bank transfer (schedule a call with a sales rep)
  • PRO job posts purchased with credit card will renew after 30 days from the date of publication at the same price paid per unit
  • PRO job post from Bundles purchased with credit card will renew individually after 30 days after publication at the same discounted price paid per unit.


StepsConnect free trial includes 2 free job post every month forever.

Free job posts:

  • Are visible on our platform stepsconnect.com for 30 days after publication;
  • Can be viewed by candidates registered on stepsconnect.com, which are notified if their profile is compatible with your job offer;
  •  Do not need a payment method and do not have any renewal obligation.

Yes, you can add the link to your ATS to the relevant role while creating the job post in order  to receive high-quality traffic from social media directly on you ATS.

No. Our goal is to send your way high-quality traffic from social media which will translate into you getting CVs from qualified candidates.

  • Job posts stay online on stepsconnect.com for 30 days from the date of publication;
  • They can be published (or closed) at any time;
  • Social ADS DO NOT overlap or become obsolete like traditional job boards do, this means that a campaign for a new job post will not overshadow a previous one.

Candidates in our database are registered and they have filled their profile on stepsconnect.com with information about their education, on their job experiences, on their skills in addition to their telephone numbers, email addresses and their CVs.


Yes, from our platform it is possible to download a complete report about your job posts’ social media campaign performance.


Moreover, directly from our platform you can see in real time how a specific campaign is doing by looking at how many impressions and clicks it generated.


Of course! Your Key Account is a dedicated person to resolve problems and share feedback to. We will be by your side to support you even to suggest the best copy you can use on your job posts.

You can find the relevant documentation online at the following links: Privacy, Terms and Conditions.