Attract Gen Z
in Corporate

Finally an early talent attraction platform for Gen Z. Create a delightful candidate experience using Digital Badges.

Digital Badges’re the solution of your needs

Clarify your needs to future employees, integrate Digital Badges into your candidate experience. Make your skill request clear and show how they are achievable.

Fresh Job-ready Candidates

#1 way to cut time-to-productivity

A Digital Badge demonstrates different milestones, such as courses, academy and games in order to get your candidates job-ready before joining your team.

In 2023, most corporations will be creating Metateams, already participating are...

Create your MetaTeam

Digital Badges are the keys to getting on a team

Talents that unlock your Badge can get you on your Metateam. Use the dashboard and analytics to manage your talents, send gifts or invite candidates to an interview.

Why Steps?

Beat the Competitors

Play in advance and reach out to talents while they are studying

Increase Retention

Improve your talents and reduce turnover by up to 28%


No Fee on Hires

Hire as many talents as you want without any fees

Create Social Value

Our Mission is to Fight Skill Mismatch

Steps was created to increase Gen Z employability. To join Steps means to take part in a Social Responsibility project in which Corporate can guide new Gen professionally.

Gen Z is waiting to join your Metateam