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Steps turn your job-profile needs into gamification path that helps you attract, engage and hire best Gen Z Talents.

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Don't let these problems keep you up at night

You think your Brand is not attractive anymore

Don’t worry.

You are just not using right channel to find Gen Z.

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Your candidate will love Steps’ gamification and they will not quit or get bored.

You get tons of CVs you don’t know how to sort

We sort candidates through job requirements you share, soft skills and attitude

With us Recruiting is a piece of cake

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Communicating with Gen Z is a struggle but as a Gen Z team ourselves we are familiar with what channels and language are best to reach them.

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You can collect and manage your perfect-match Talents through a super easy dashboard. You can get cool AI reports about soft skills, attitude and engagement.

Need recurring hiring? Have specific needs?

You are in the right place. Imagine any kind of sport clubs: they got their first league and a large pool of young talents that are training to be the best, to be called in that first team.

Here you can create a talents homegrown, like sport clubs.


AI insights about Gen Z
to increase Retention.

For the first time in history, there are 4 generations in the same workforce and Managers need to put themselves in Gen Z shoes to manage different expectation.