Boost your job posts' performance
🚀 using social media 🚀

Reach x10 qualified candidates through social media with our PRO job posts

  • You can purchase and publish an infinite number of job post (to infinity and beyond!);
  • PRO job posts will be visible on our platform stepsconnect.com for 30 days from the date of publication with auto-renewal (at the same price paid per unit),
  • We transform your job posts into ADS which will show on social to reach x10 qualified candidates;
  • You can have a detailed report on how the campaign is doing both on social media and on our platform (Impressions, clicks and applies)
  • You can customize your experience by choosing between our add-ons for each job post directly on our platform. 


  • You can access discounts on large volumes of job posts with our BUNDLES: the more you purchase, the more you save!
  • All PRO job posts from a Bundle will have the same characteristics and add-ons you will choose at checkout.



By purchasing a PRO job post or a PRO job posts Bundle, you can benefit not only from our included add-ons, such as ATS integration and a dedicated Brand Page for your company in which tell candidates about your mission and/or vision, but also from other add-ons which can help you and your team reach your goals:


    By choosing one of these three add-ons, which include transforming your job posts into ads, you will be able to reach x10 qualified candidates especially from the new generation;

  • Email Blast

    Let your target know about your newly published job post;

  • Key Account

    You will have a dedicated person to resolve problems and share feedback;

  • Matching Algorithm

    View candidates and suggested profiles based on the % of compatibility with your job post;

  • Marketing Report

    A Report with the results of the social media campaign in PDF to use in-house;

  • Multi Account

    Give access to your company’s admin area to more people of your team.


The new Dashboard will allow you to keep under control how your hiring campaign is going and to quickly publish evry type of job post we offer.

You will find:

  • Your company’s profile from where you will be able o add or update your brand’s logo and submit some basic information about your company, which will help you find the right candidates.
  • An overview of purchased items (such as single PRO job posts or bundles)
  • Two buttons to publish job posts, which can be FREE or PRO. Each type of job posts will have its explanation, a lists of benefits and the expected views and clicks each one can have.
  • A summary of all the bundles you purchased with the number of available job posts in each one of them and the possibility to publish a job posts directly from a specific bundle.


  • Two (2) FREE job posts each month forever;
  • These job posts will be visible on our platform stepsconnect.com for 30 days  from the date of publication;
  • FREE job posts will reach our community of qualified candidates on our database
  • They do NOT require a payment method


In addition to the new Dashboard, we introduce you the new navigation sidebar, which was horizontal and now it is vertical.

It will help you navigate better and more smoothly our platform.

There some new entries such as:

  • Dashboard, which will take to to your home;
  • Invite a teammate, to invite your team and have a single business account;
  • FAQ, in case you’d have any doubts you can visit or Frequently Asked Questions with just one click;
  • What’s New, to keep up with news, new releases and features of our platform.



You will see two other features which will be available very soon and we are talking about:

  • Source: Are you looking for a specific profile? This is the right place for you! From here you can search in our database to find the right profile for your needs.
  • Brand Page: This section is crucial to attract the right candidates. Here you can tell candidates about your company, your mission and vision, in addition to add images that can represent what is like to be part of your team!